This is the Dawning of the Age of Accountancy (Orient Paper)

July 7, 2010

Orient Paper (ONP) seems to have much in common with my other Chinese ideas: A high historical growth rate; a P/E ratio of 9 at current prices, a decent balance sheet, a Byzantine corporate history involving an offshore holding company and this time not even lumbered with a set of unusually high receivables; and being […]


An Unsustainable Dividend is no Dividend at all (eventually) (Calumet Specialty Products)

September 20, 2009

As you may recall, I commented on the dangers of being a yield hog, which is a constant temptation for those of us who seek investments that produce high and sustainable cash flows. Sustainable but not high is not good enough, and high but not sustainable is even worse, because when the cash flow runs […]


A test of management competence (Capital One? Seriously?)

July 7, 2009

Benjamin Graham wrote in Security Analysis that  there are few tests of management competence and none of them scientific. This was in the 1951 edition of his book, and in almost 60 years there have been few improvements. One reasonable test, however, is management’s opportunism and understanding of the broad economic climate. Although “proactive” is […]