Place your bets on the Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority

August 31, 2010

As I seem to be in a mood to find junk bonds lately, I am pleased to present you with the bonds of the Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority. The Mohegan Tribe operates a massive casino in Connecticut, one of only two casinos in New England, as well as several other ventures. The company has been […]


Western Refining’s (WNR) junk bonds are worth the risk

August 16, 2010

I have a certain weakness in my heart for junk bonds. Junk bonds, of course, are bonds with a sub-investment grade credit rating, and they can range from just barely on the cusp of investment grade to the point where the purchaser would have to be crazy to consider them. As Ben Graham wrote, an […]


Who Owns the Company (Bon-Ton Stores)

May 30, 2009

Of course, the previous post is common knowledge. By way of example, and to illustrate a strategy that commonly arises from market misconception (I’m glad to say I thought of before I read an excellent out-of-print book, Margin of Safety by value investor Seth Klarman) is to buy the junk bonds of a company and […]