Revlon (REV): High debt, but positive developments

April 29, 2011
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I recently examined Revlon (REV), a makeup company which has had a spotty and debt-laden history but which has turned the situation around in the last four years, assisted by substantial overseas growth. Although the firm is still dealing with the debt that Ron Perelman saddled it with during its LBO, it offers a free […]


Smart Modular (SMOD) to go private – You’re welcome

April 27, 2011

It was announced yesterday that Smart Modular Technologies (SMOD) would be taken over by a private equity firm for $645 million, or $9.25 per share. When I recommended it here on January 3, the price was $5.94. Not bad for a few months’ wait, I think.


Lodgenet (LNET) – Unattractive despite very high free cash flow

April 21, 2011

As you may know, my favorite metric for evaluation a company is its ability to generate free cash flows. However, it is dangerous to focus entirely on that issue to the exclusion of other important aspects of a company. I will explore this issue by examining Lodgenet (LNET), a company with free cash flow through […]


Consolidated Communications (CNSL) – Strong dividends and excellent cash flow

April 18, 2011

I have often found compelling values in rural telephone companies, such as Windstream and Qwest (now acquired by CenturyLink, as they throw off large amounts of free cash flows and are kind enough to produce dividends. My latest discovery in this area is Consolidated Communications (CNSL), which pays 8.4% and which has a free cash […]


Domtar (UFS) – A paper company with strong cash flows

April 6, 2011

Since my last foray into the paper industry with Boise Inc., I thought it would be appropriate to review the rest of the sector. After some searching, I have settled on Domtar (UFS).  Domtar is the largest producer of uncoated freesheet paper in North America, and also a producer of wood pulp, with operations in […]